A Look at Some of the Dangerous Cleaning Products that You Should Not Use in Your Home

The thing is that cleaning chemicals are not regulated by the FDA because they are not meant for consumption. Because of that you might not know that they contain some harmful ingredients. It is recommended that you use chemical free cleaning products that are made of natural ingredients only. What can be overwhelming is knowing such chemical free cleaning products. Continue reading for more information on some of the dangerous ingredients that should not be in your home.

To start with, you should avoid sodium hydroxide. You find that sodium hydroxide is very corrosive as it can burn your skin as well as causing sore throat when inhaled. Not only that but it can also burn and kill plants and animals when dumped in large and concentrated amounts. You can substitute this dangerous chemical with chemical free cleaning products such as baking soda paste.

Ammonia is another chemical that you should avoid. The reason being that ammonia fumes can cause respiratory problems. The other thing is that when they are mixed with bleach they can be poisonous. It is also essential to note that ammonia also has its benefits but you should also think of its negative effects which bear more weight. Besides, a high concentration of ammonia is also dangerous to marine life. Instead of carrying dangerous ammonia to your home, you should use chemical free cleaning products such as Vodka.

The next dangerous ingredient is formaldehyde. You should know that this is one of the chemicals that is used as a preservative. But it can also be found in some of the cleaning products. The best thing to do is buying formaldehyde-free cleaning products. But it will be best to go for chemical free cleaning products that are made only with natural ingredients. The other thing that you should know is that this chemical is dangerous to aquatic life.

Besides, there is also chlorine. Indeed chlorine can seem impossible to avoid being that it is found in many places such as toilet bowl cleaners, tap water, and bleach among others. You should avoid cleaning products that contain chlorine because it can kill plants and animals. But instead you can use baking soda and vinegar.

Apart from that, you should also avoid phthalates. You should know that this harmful chemical can be found in some toilet papers, scented soaps, air fresheners and more. This chemical is dangerous to your body because it is an endocrine disrupter and thus affects your body. The best thing that you should do is avoiding cleaning products that contain phthalates.

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